A little about this meditation group

A little meditation group is a collection of classes written by Natalie Shuler L.Ac, owner of  Yin Yang Wisdom Acupuncture, LLC.  These classes have been written to help children and their families learn the basic eastern concepts of meditation, in order to help fully understand what awareness is  and how our physical body, emotion body and spirit body inter-relate to each other.  The information, meditations, and exercises taught come from a mixture of Chinese medical theory, Taoism/Buddhism philosophy, Heartmath Interventions, Tomatis Method protocol, and over 10 years of experience of private practice specializing in Hormones, Mental/Emotional disorders, and pain.  


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Why I developed these courses

and what they are compiled of.

I'm a working mother of two, and dealing with the stresses the come with ensuring

proper emotional education and role modeling to my kids, while maintaining my own

parental sanity (also know as not losing my sh**),  I  decided I needed to put

something together that could help myself and my family as well as anyone who 

needed concrete activities to help solidify concepts of self understanding and care.  


In treating with Chinese medicine, a good part of my job is helping people to understand the interconnectedness between our bodies, minds, and spirits.  In a usual session my patient and I will delve into the Why  their stress is causing that gut issue, or which type of insomnia a person might have, etc.

There is usually a lot of talk about Why we have an automatic responses on both physical and emotional levels, and tracing of those patterns.  A big part of the treatment part of what I do is to teach the body to undo or re route those patterns

by showing people exactly how each of these aspects of self; spiritual, mental and physical; effects the health of the other.  


I love meditation because it is the hygiene for our consciousness, and meditation practice the nourishment and treatment  for mind and spirit issues.   The value of meditation is not only its ability to increase focus and attention, but to relieve anxiety and depressive thinking, relax our muscles and ease digestion, help sleep problems and a hundred other things. This list goes on and on.

There are a lot of ways and forms to teach kids and adults how to promote emotional and spiritual strength and resilience.  These classes have become a collection of things that I have found in medical philosophies; both eastern and western, current medical science, and studied meditations; all wrapped it up in fun stuff to do!

Both Eastern and western views of our bodies relationship with mind and spirit plays a vital role in the management of our physical state of health and vice versa.

I wanted a combination of all the things I've studied wrapped up in physical actions to make it stick for people and give options for others if it wasn't sticking.   Its really hard to just sit and breath or sit and try and empty our heads much less trying to get a room full of kids to do it.  The point was to give a intruduction to the theory behind meditation.  Have them experience 'exactly' what i is meant my sensations in taste like, bitter, sour, or pungent and let them experience the physical response when those things are introduces through the senses of smell and taste.  Introducing a solid medical methodology thats been in practice for thousands of year provides a trusted and tangible emotional education that can be utilized at any time. Teaching kids meditation is a valuable gift for their health and welfare as well as our own.


These classes have a really eclectic background since, in addition to the chinese medicine, I am also a heartmath provider and a Tomatis practitioner.  I've listed below a little bit about them to give you a little background understanding.


Chinese medicine is rich with theory and practices of meditation.   Each of the 8 modalities of chinese medicine offer stress relief and balancing.  This doesn't just include acupuncture, but also lifestyle ideals, physical medicine/medical message,  ,It offers practical methodology that can easily be added to a daily routine as a form of mental/spiritual hygiene.  It's this methodology that's being explored through the meditation classwork.  I'm also a Heartmath Interventions provider.  


Heartmath Institute does scientific research on emotional physiology, heart-brain interactions and self-regulation.  Heartmath utilizes  tools, techniques and technologies in clinical settings to help patients or clients address a wide range of psychological or health challenges.

More coming soon!