Compassion is the wish to see nothing suffer.

The compassion that we show ourselves and others is a gift to the world.


Teaching kids to grow there compassion and tolerance helps set a future life filled with forgiveness and love.  


We will be creating a garden of compassion for the kids to continue to nurture and love. They will learn what it means 'to suffer'  and that compassion is a wish for themselves and others to be free from any form of suffering, and how to make that wish a continued reality through acts of compassion.


This being the final workshop, we will have built a foundation for them to incorporate what they have learned into their daily lives and meditation practices.  


  Its our mission that in teaching these concepts, they can then be used in life when its needed most.   Daily stressors for kids are at higher and higher rates as we move into an age that bombards them with astronomical amounts of information.  These concepts and skills are meant to teach each individual to explore their inner selves and find that place inside themselves that is their center and their peace.   

Parental Guidance: When the kids come home with their gardens we will give instructions for how to nurture and build the concepts of compassion that they learned in the lessons.