• Natalie Shuler L.Ac, MSOM

Meditation and Buddhism: Our 3 Bodies

The eastern perspective of the whole person consists of 3 bodies. They are called the Tan Tiens.

Taoist practices teach that we have a physical body a mental body and a spirit body.

All 3 of our bodies: our physical bodies our mental/emotional bodies and our spiritual bodies.

In Taoist theory each of these aspects is located on a specific area of our physical bodies and we are able to strengthen each by putting focus on those specific areas of our bodies. By cultivating and training consciousness in our three bodies or Tan Tian we teach ourselves how to better integrate our mental emotional and physical selves.

The Tan Teins are what feed all the rivers of energy that flow through the body.The goal of taoist training is to integrate the brain and the other organs of the body and the three tan tiens into one system.

  • Upper Tan Tien (Upper) observing mind.

  • Middle Tan Tien, Conscious mind of the heart

  • Lower Tan Tien, feeling and awareness mindThe Tan Tien are where we store, transform and collect energy in the body.

Without this integration we lose energy at a very fast pace. We end up spending more energy than we are saving.

Smiling on all the organs

Exercise: Smile into your heart.

Make it feel soft.

Make it feel love, joy, happiness, and compassion.

Feel the heart energy spiral. Spiral the energy in your upper mind (tan tien) then

lower your upper mind down to the lower tan tien in your navel area.

Turn the consciousness in your heart, activated by your love and softness, down to the lower tan tien.

With the feeling and awareness, spiral together the energy of the three minds, blending them together as one in the lower tan tien.

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