Class Descriptions

classes designed for 6-11 year olds



This is the first in a series of 6 sessions that teaches kids meditation. Sign up for all 6 session for $120, all individual classes for $20 a piece.
Age range: 6-11 years

We all feel the need for a place to hide away and collect outselves. Children especially need a personal space for this kind of exploration. They have little to no control in a world that is huge and uncertain at times. Creating a place for self-actualization and self-regulating skills our kids get the best opportunity to excel. 

When creating personal space we set a foundation to build mindfulness, enhance learning, build emotional intelligence, and increase overall well-being across a person lifespan.

This class literally makes this space for them by having them make and decorate their very own meditation mat. We will go through familiar stories and concepts of the "magic carpet" which helps to tie in the idea of creating several places their imaginations can take them. A safe place where they can feel peace and calm while exporing the internal world of their thoughts and emotions.

Parental Guidance:
Meditation takes practice. At the end of this class the kids will a personal space to start their mediation practice. We provide suggestions to parents to on the kinds of exercises and games they can play with their kids to help facilitate inner exploration and bond with them.


Ages: 6-11 years old

What to bring:
If in workshop 1: Their Mat
If this is the first class: a pillow or, blanket or something they can sit on

In this session we focus on breath. The kids learn different fun breathing techniques that teach them to self regulate there emotions, decrease stress and find a safe space within themselves.  
In this class we play a feather game to teach about breath control and taking deep long breaths. We learn how and what different sounds we can make with our mouths to make us feel rejuvinated when tired, and calm angry, worried or stressed. We apply guided imageary to give them another step in creating their space using breath.

Parential Guidance:
Don't be surprised if you hear your kid making long sustained noises. At least that's what we're hoping for. And just in case they aren't we make sure you have a list of the differnent sounds used and why. We also provide parents with some fun breathing games that are great for everyones nervous system.


Age: 6-11 years

What to bring: 
Meditation mat or pillow

Kids are very busy taking in EVERYTHING. The mindfulness workshop teaches kids to check in with their bodies and environments; monitor how they are doing; and make internal adjustments to let go of stress and and increase focus.  

Games played in this class are set to make kids aware that what they are doing or thinking has a direct link to how their body feels and establish key words to help direct them when they are caught in their own moments and need help remembering to be mindful.

Parental Guidance:
Mindfulness activities that can be done as a family are given to be incorporated into mediation practice time.


Cost: $20 
Ages: 6-11

This workshop focuses on recognizing emotions in our bodies and in our thoughts and learning about how our emotions become a barometer for what's going on around us. They tell us how we are percieving any given moment.  
We teach how emotions cause our thougths to change and the balance that our head and our hearts maintain paying attention to the thougts in our heads and our hearts.


Cost $20 
Age 6-11 years 

What to bring:
Meditation Mat or pillow (if no mat)

We believe that kindness works the same as meditation in that it is a practiced skill. This workshop focuses on the on defining and noticing what acts of kindness are towards themselves and others.
We will be putting together their kindness charms so that they can keep them with them. The games and mediations are set to re-inforce the concepts of what kindness is and how to p ut it to play in their daily lives.

Parental guidance:
The kids will come home with their kindness charms that they can start to earn from you. We will give instructions on how charms and the bracelets work in noticing how to be kind and and putting it into action.


Cost $20 
Ages 6-11 years

What to bring:
Meditation Mat or pillow

The compassion that we show ourselves and others is a gift to the world. Teaching kids to grow there compassion and tolerance helps set a future life filled with forgiveness and love.  
We will be greating our garden of compassion that the kids and continue to nurture and love. They will learn the compassion is a wish for themselves and others to be free from any form of suffering, and how to make that wish a continued reality.
This being the final workshop, we will have built a solid foundation for them to incorporate all they have learned in their daily lives and when its needed most. The goal is to help them to understand when they need to have compassion for themselves and/or others and how to effective provide it.

Parental Guidance:
When the kids come home with their gardens we will give instructions for how to nurture and build the concepts of compassion that they learned in the lessons.